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Big things happening this month.  The Gleam Team celebrates its one-year podcast anniversary, and Pat is turning the big 3-0!  We round-up our recent multimedia consumption and all that good stuff.  Thanks to all (ten) of our listeners for your support.  This has been a fun year for us.

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This episode is extra, superhero heavy.  With both Marvel and DC Comics announcing their movie lineups from not until the end of time, Pat and the team go through all the breaking news!  We also recap our Halloween happenings, and Pat thinks he may be dying..?  It's a bird, it's a plane... No, nevermind - It's neither of those things.  It's a podcast.  And a good one, at that!  Enjoy!

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In this very spOoOky episode, we watched both the 1959 and 1999 versions of the movie, 'House on Haunted Hill'.  Listen to us sound off about our thoughts.  Also, Pat quizzes Matt and Kath about some horror movie trivia.  Enjoy!

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Pat Matt records a special intro.  In this podcast, we discuss: Gone Girl, Mulaney, Brooklyn 99, Walt Disney World, Frozen, Gracepoint, Love & Mercy, Inherent Vice, among other things!  We had fun, so have fun listening!

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We are so sorry that it has been so long between podcasts!  We have all been super-busy.  A lot has happened since we all got together, and we have a TON to talk about.  We hit on a little bit of everything.  Movies, TV, Music, Video Games.  There should be something in this one that tickles your fancy.  Enjoy!

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Trying something new here, guys... No intro!  We look back fondly on some memories we have of some entertainers who are no longer with us.  Also, various shenanigans of the usual variety.  Enjoy!

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Matt, Pat, and Kath actually went to see a movie together! Hear our thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy.  Dont worry - No spoilers.  Also, Pat records a very... special..? intro.

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OK! Here is our big wrap-up from SDCC 2014.  Matt and Kat were in San Diego this past week for Comic-Con.  (Pat was there in spirit.)  We had an amazing freakin' time, and we had so much great stuff to cover in this episode.  Hope you guys enjoy this one as much as we enjoyed recording it.  That last bit a little corny? Don't care!  Enjoy!

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We recorded this super-fun episode last week.  (Apologies. I've been busy lazy.)  We have our great friend Tom LaForgia back on TGT:PCP for some good ol' fashioned GAMES moderated by the talented and funny, Katherine Walsh.  Also, we get off-topic, hypothesize about Weird Al's next hits, and come up with gross parody movie titles!  Enjoy!

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First of all, if you are Alan Parsons, (and by someone strange coincidence, you actually listen to this podcast) please don't sue us.  You can't blame us for making this crazy, awesome intro to this podcast.  

This was a fun one with just the original three.  We promise we will have more guests soon! We were having landscaping done at the house, so at one point, we were interrupted by a noisy leafblower (we had to stop the podcast and resume it when they were done), but THE SHOW MUST GO ON!  Enjoy!

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